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This year I made the transition from being a shoot and burn photographer (doing a session, handing over a disc of 10 or so images, done) to a full service photographer (offering a full line of high quality finished products to my clients).   It was a scary step for me because I knew it meant losing people that ONLY wanted a disc or a quick mini-session.  I knew my prices would have to go up to maintain my business and offer a service and product line people would love.  It meant not getting every client that inquired, being ok when they said no.  Even when every mentor and photographer I look up to, tell you repeatedly, “not every client is YOUR client”.  Easy to say, harder to accept.  But I’ve stuck with it, and I have to say it’s all been worth it.

The biggest and BEST change to come from this??  The relationships I’ve built with clients that I never did as a shoot and burn photographer.  I meet with my clients now a minimum of 3 times, and I feel like we are friends by the end of our time together.   And getting to meet with them to see their photos for the first time at the reveal/ordering session..priceless!  I’ve seen tears and laughter at every slideshow I show…something I never got to witness in my old days of handing over a disc.  I love what I do, and getting to see all the emotion it invokes is such a reward for me.

I thought I’d do a few blog posts on some of the products I offer to show you why I’m so excited about them.  This week, I’d love to give you a little look at the albums I offer.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  These aren’t your standard Shutterfly albums.  (Not knocking them at all…I have several I’ve done over the years)  They have thick coated pages, the colors just pop.  Heirloom quality from a professional photography lab, meaning they will last for years..something you can hand down to your grandkids someday.  There is nothing like seeing it in person, but I tried my best to capture it in photos for you.  That being said, I’m always happy to show you everything in person, even if you’re just curious.  Give me a call! 🙂

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