Family video Manteca CA family videographer

As much as I love photography (and it’s something I hope to continue to do forever), I’ve been feeling the pull toward video the last year or so.  Not so much wedding or big event video, but smaller, documentary-style family videos.  I started following photographers on social media who had made the leap into video and began offering these to clients.  Instantly fell in love and KNEW I wanted to learn how to do it.  So, I did some research, found a course on how to do these videos, signed up, and at the beginning of this year, my class started.  Can’t believe how much I learned in just a few short weeks.  Labor intensive for sure, and I still have some things to perfect, but I just love video!  Photos are timeless and priceless, but there are things they can’t capture.  Like how your child sounded when they were 3, or how your children played together and the little conversations they had, how they walked, how they ran…and on and on.  Things I never want to forget.

So, while I’m still going to be working to get better and better at it, I’m so excited to be starting on this video journey.  Here it is, my very first DSLR video…my starting point.  🙂



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