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I was contacted by Amanda, owner of Blissful Bites (you can check out her Facebook page here) about joining forces to put together a styled wedding photo session to showcase her cakes and my photos.  We brainstormed a bit, and what started as that simple phone call, blossomed into this fantastic event.  I contacted a few photographer friends to see if they’d want to join in, and of course they did!  We reached out to a few vendors and we ended up with gorgeous gowns, beautiful flowers, stunning cakes, vintage rental pieces, a stunning winery venue and several girls (and their cooperative boyfriends/husbands) willing to model for us. I couldn’t have imagined this turning out any better than it did.  It was a lot of work to put together, and took a whole lot of coordinating schedules, but we made it happen and it was just the most awesome day!   I’m wanting to get more into weddings with my photography business, so this was the perfect way to launch myself into it.

I have soooo many awesome photos from this day that I decided I should probably break my blog about it up a little bit.  I’ll start with Dani and Ryan since they were one of the first couple I contacted about doing this with us.  They were more than willing, and having  done a session or 2 with them previously, I already knew the camera loved them.  They are such a cute couple and this was a good practice run for their wedding someday.  😉  It took some time to for the make up artist and the dress shop to get Dani all dolled up, and Ryan was so patient while he waited around for his photo op.  It helped that we were at a winery with a tasting room.  Wine is always a good thing.

Here’s a little peek at the photos from their part in the session…

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